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Sunshine | Limited Edition Print

Sunshine | Limited Edition Print


Woman Portrait | Art Print Reproduction | Based on Original Oil Painting |
Blue Straw Hat | Black & White | Blue & White


Size: 23.6"x16.5" (60x42cm)




The print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.


Certification of Authenticity attached.

**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image**

My extreme light sensitivity affects my day to day activities.


This very bright original oil painting tries to communicate that. Photophobia is the name of the light sensitivity condition I have. This big word is to describe the huge discomfort I feel in bright light. It is defiantly not a fear from light, but light can be very challenging on a daily basis. My (very dark and red’ish) sunglasses are always at my side. I can NOT go outside without them, even if it is cloudy, rainy or right after sunset. I wear them also indoors when the room is bright or if I look outside the window. However, I prefer a sunny day because it makes me feel happy, even that I have to make more effort to get by. All the outdoor activities are just more tiring...


In the past I was insecure in regards to my blinking and my poor day site, for example when I encountered new people who didn’t know my background and assumed I was tired or that something was wrong with me, or at management meetings at work where I didn’t want them to feel that I don’t respect them while I was wearing my glasses in the office.

Now, even though I accept who I am and try not to care about what people think about me, I still sometimes feel uncomfortable walking in a bright room full of people without my sunglasses.


With my glasses on, at a dark room or at night time, you would never know that something is wrong with my vision, unless you call me from a distance and then I can’t locate you, or if you give me the menu to read and most of the time it is too small for me. I feel lucky for looking like I have no problem, just because it means that my vision is not THAT bad – it is all about proportion in life…


In this painting I wanted to show the glare I feel from light, and that is why it is all in very light colors. A hat is a very useful item when the sun is shining!


I use oil paint straight from the tube and mix it with whites to create the shades.


This beautiful female portrait is based on a friend’s photo of a fashion model 


All my art pieces are available in specialized art print reproduction - scanographie. There are only 7 copies for each original painting. The original work was scanned using CRUSE - specially designed to scan works of art, and printed using an EPSON digital printer. All prints are from the manufacturer’s original materials and pigment dyes. The print is highly durable and should last up to 100 years. Studio Shuki Kook is an EPSON certified artwork print specialist authorized to use the DIGIGRAPHIE ® by EPSON brand name. Each print has been inspected and endorsed by me. My signature, affixed to a certificate I will send along with the print, confirms the authenticity of the print. This signature, along with the print number, constitutes my undertaking to limit the number of prints produced. 

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