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Imagine the Rainbow
in the Shades of Gray 

Some might consider me to be a person with a disability. So why would someone like me pick a professional which is all about visualization? Well, perhaps it’s because of my upbringing. I was taught early on that nothing is impossible, and that there are different ways in which we can achieve our goals.


Granted, I had to number my crayons, so that I would be able to tell them apart and yes,  I have to stand but a few centimeters away from my canvas, so that I can see what I’m doing, but I don’t look at it as a disability, but rather as an abnormality, and since we all know that normal is not necessarily the most creative,


I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to create art, from an entirely fresh point of view. I hope more and more people, with or without disabilities, will join me in this perception, claiming that just because we are different, doesn’t mean we can’t fulfill our dreams, because we sure can.


After all, I may not be able to enjoy the colors of the rainbow, but I can still see it as art in the middle of the sky.

Come hear my lecture and join me in the journey to reaching our goals, despite any obstacles we may face along the way.

A Lecture from a Different Perspective



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