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Metal Woman | Limited Edition Print

Metal Woman | Limited Edition Print


Limited Edition Print | Based on Original Oil Painting | 
Metal Woman Portrait | Blue and White


Size: 25.6" x 19.7" (65x50cm)



The print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Art Print Reproductions.

Certification of Authenticity attached.

**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image**

Not seeing colors means that people can be in any color.


I put a lot of effort on the shades of her skin, and I love how I created
a metal skin effect with the blue I used.


Her gentle pose with her eyes closed form mystery, and that is to
imply on my eye condition/


Many people ask me how I chose my colors - I use oil paint straight

from the tube and mix it with whites to create the shades.


All my art pieces are available in specialized art print reproduction
- scanographie.
There are only 7 copies for each original painting.

The original work was scanned using CRUSE - specially designed
to scan works of art, and printed using an EPSON digital printer.

All prints are from the manufacturer’s original materials and pigment
The print is highly durable and should last up to 100 years.
Studio Shuki Kook is an EPSON certified artwork print specialist
authorized to use the DIGIGRAPHIE ® by EPSON brand name.
Each print has been inspected and endorsed by me.
My signature, affixed to a certificate I will send along with the print,
confirms the authenticity of the print. This signature, along with the
print number, constitutes my undertaking to limit the number of
prints produced.

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