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Cape Town Love | Original Oil Painting

Cape Town Love | Original Oil Painting


African Woman Portrait |
Nanny Caring a Baby on a Sling |

Oil on Wood


Size: 23"x16.5" (59x42cm)




Ready to hang (without a picture frame)


Style: Modern, Realistic

Certification of Authenticity attached


**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image** 

A use of one color, along with the black and white, in this painting is tocommunicate my perspective on the visual side of it - I am fully color-blind and see the world in shades of gray.


This picture is colorful to me.If you convert it to a black and white photograph you might see adifference, but I won’t.


Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy ofred. In this picture this color symbolizes wsdom, nobility and mystery.


This original oil painting is based on a picture I took of my baby boy andour wonderful nanny in South Adrica. This woman took a big part of ourlives. Their special conection is notisable in this painting.

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