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Burning Man | Original Oil Painting

Burning Man | Original Oil Painting


Woman Portrait in the Desert |

Burning Man Festival


Size: 30"x24" (76x61cm)




Ready to hang (Canvas on a wooden frame without a picture frame)


Style: Modern, Realistic

Certification of Authenticity attached


**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image** 

This very bright original oil painting tries to communicate my 
extreme light sensitivity.
Photophobia is the name of the light sensitivity condition I have.
This big word is to describe the huge discomfort I feel in bright light.
It is defiantly not a fear from light, but light can be very challenging
on a daily basis.
My (very dark and red’ish) sunglasses are always at my side.
I can NOT go outside without them, even if it is cloudy, rainy or
right after sunset.
I wear them also indoors when the room is bright or if I look
outside the window.
However, I prefer a sunny day because it makes me feel happy,
even that I have to make more effort to get by.

All the outdoor activities are just more tiring...


Her gentle pose with her eyes covered form mystery,
and that is to imply on my eye condition.


Many people ask me how I chose my colors -
I use oil paint straight from the tube and mix it with whites
to create the shades.

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