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Blue Garlic | Limited Edition Print

Blue Garlic | Limited Edition Print


Still Life | Based on Original Oil Painting | Blue & White | Wall Art Décor | Art Print Reproduction


Size: 11.8"x11.8" (30x30cm)




The print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.


Certification of Authenticity attached.

**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image**

Since I work according to a photograph, I take a VERY close look at each detail. If I would place this still life image a few steps away from me, I wouldn't see it as detailed as I painted this picture. Some parts would be missing.


To make it more interesting and help people, that see well, try and understand how I see - I took the color blue and blended it with white and painted only the garlic in it. The rest of the painting stays in "how I see it" - black and white. However, since I am fully colorblind, I don't see a difference - the whole picture looks to me like it was painted in shades of gray.

I could have painted the garlic in purple or green tones, but they would look to me as my regular black and white items. My Colorful Grays.


The original is sold and available in wall art prints. There are only 7 copies for each original.

All my art pieces are available in specialized art print reproduction - scanographie. There are only 7 copies for each original painting.

The original work was scanned using CRUSE - specially designed to scan works of art, and printed using an EPSON digital printer. All prints are from the manufacturer’s original materials and pigment dyes.

The print is highly durable and should last up to 100 years.

Studio Shuki Kook is an EPSON certified artwork print specialist authorized to use the DIGIGRAPHIE ® by EPSON brand name.

Each print has been inspected and endorsed by me.

My signature, affixed to a certificate I will send along with the print, confirms the authenticity of the print. This signature, along with the print number, constitutes my undertaking to limit the number of prints produced.

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