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African Pregnancy 2 | Limited Edition Print

African Pregnancy 2 | Limited Edition Print


Size: 19.6" x 27.5" (50x70cm)
Message me for a specific size request 




The print will be rolled and shipped in a tube
Art Prints Reproductions

Certification of Authenticity attached.


A pregnancy is something so magical in so many levels, but can also be scary.
I was lucky to have three safe pregnancies and three healthy babies. There is a two years gap between each one of my kids, which made me feel like I was pregnant for a long time.
This painting is part of my pregnancy series. It is reflecting the unclarity of this period in a woman’s life. However, it is also showing a strong, healthy woman who loves her body.
My third boy was born in South Africa, so i was influenced by the African women, who gave me a lot of inspiration. Their positivity and birth stories gave me a lot of strength.


**Please note that the colors on your screen might look a bit different
from the real image**

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