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It is the first time I ever painted realistic figures.

Well, I know that it is not realistic to you because of the colours, but for me it reflects the real picture so much. I am actually proud of myself (:

I took pictures of my kids in bright sun light so I can work on the extreme glare I see when I look at someone at the sun. I wanted to emphasize the difference between light and dark.

However, I feel that I drew too many details in the shade sides. I actually see less details when I am in the sun. It was hard to work with two colours without blending them, and so it looks a bit strange in the middle of their faces… I have to work on that more next time.

My son's portrait, oil painting and high contrast

The colour choice – I chose red and green – two prime colours so it will look a bit awkward for you. I know that red comes forward for you, but for me it is like using a black. Someone told me that the green reminded her of a wound or a hospital – and for me – green is leaves, grass, an apple, etc’.

I waited to finish all three paintings before I posted this so you can understand that all three look to me the same in regards to colours. If you would take a picture of them with a B&W filter you might see what i mean.


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