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Onions and Garlic

How I see it As I did with the first two paintings, I took a picture from the Internet and traced it, so I had a VERY up-close look for each detail, which is very different from real life.

Colour blindness

To make it more interesting, and to help people that see well try and understand how I see, I took the colour purple and painted only some of the onions in it. The rest stay in "how I see it" - black and white. However, I want you to know that I don't see a difference - the whole picture looks to me like it was painted in shades of grey. I could have painted the onions in red or yellow tones, but they would look to me as my regular black and white items.

Oil painting of onions and garlic in shades of blue and white
Onions and Garlic

General info

It takes me many hours to paint. The bright light on the onions was the hardest part. I am not sure how realistic I want everything to be. I think that in the future, things will get less and less realistic only because I need to use my imagination sometimes, just to try and guess what it is that I am seeing.


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