Monochromatic Breakfest

This is the first time I am writing a Blog. I am not that great in telling a story. That is my husband's role in the family... But I do want to tell MY story. SO, I will start by just telling you what's on my mind. Hope you will get it!

How I see it

I took a picture from the Internet and traced it, so I had a VERY close look at each detail. If I would place these images a few steps away from me, I wouldn't see them as detailed as I painted this picture. Some parts would be missing.

France Breakfast

Colour blindness

To make it more interesting and to help people that see well, try and understand how I see. I took the colour red and blended it with yellow (I used yellow as my “white”) and painted only the bread and wine in it. The rest stay in "how I see it" - black and white. However, I want you to know that I don't see a difference - the whole picture looks to me like it was painted in shades of grey. I could have painted the breads in blue or green tones, but they would look to me as my regular black and white items.

France Breakfast, Painting in process

General info

This painting is for an exhibition that is placed in the “Alliance Francaise Du Cap”, so I had to paint something that is connected to France. So what do I love in France?? the food (: It's my first real painting that I did with Paul's help, it is only an experiment and an exercise. Also, this is my first painting in oil. Ever. It helped me with getting the shades I wanted. I blend the colours on the wood so that I can reach the same shades as in the original picture.

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