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This is a photo of my two older kids that my husband took on a family vacation. We enlarged it, but it didn’t come out nicely, so I decided to paint on it. I love the light here.

Painting with the combined technique of two of my children walking in the forest

My (very dark and red’ish) sunglasses are always

I used red and white. Red and black look the same to me, so in some places, I don’t even know where I painted. Also, I tried to use the same tone of light where the light comes in, so for me it looks natural. The original picture and the one I painted look the same to me!

I love the forest because the light there is not too bright. However, since there are some places with more light than others, I have difficulties hiking there. I need to take my sunglasses on and off all the time and watch out where I step (every time that I hike, I need to watch where I am walking…) In general, it is interesting. I love to hike in nature and see the vistas, even though I know that I am missing a lot.


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