African Pregnancy

Finding inspiration and thinking of subjects for my painting are the hardest parts in this journey.

My first three portraits are definitely not perfect, so I decided to keep on practicing.

I choose this image because I wanted to reflect on a meaningful period in my life. Over 5.5 years I was pregnant or breastfed for 5 years! It was my choice, but I am happy to have my body back to myself (:

My last baby was born in South Africa and that is why the lady is African…

The blue colour of the material is random. I just wanted to paint her in black and white and to choose one colour (that is directly from a tube and is not a mix) to make it more interesting. Below the original is the a photo of the painting with a black and white filter - I can’t see a difference between them.

Her jewelry is a gold leaf that I glued and painted.

African Pregnancy

Gold and Silver were always a mystery for me. I can’t see the difference between them, and I always had a feeling that gold equals old and therefore I never wore it. Now I am more open to it (maybe because I got old myself…)

African pregnancy, Negative

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