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Anne Schlachter

I was born with a condition called Achromatopsia.
My vision is different than most people because I am color-blind, I am extremely sensitive to light, and my vision is poor.
I just see the world in a different way than others.


My latest work is mostly about light and a systematic use of color.
I work mainly in black and white and then introduce one or two other colors. Sometimes these colors do not fit the “real” color of the object, but to me, it all looks the same. 


I use the colors to engage the observer in a viewpoint that is unique to me. I work only a few centimeters away from the surface so that I can see all of the details.

My aim with my art is to highlight how some people see the world differently and to send a message that limitations can be overcome.

My Shop

Original Paintings & Limited Edition Prints

Cape Town Love
Monochromatic Lady
Blue Garlic

My colorful grays

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